Facial Surgery

Plastic surgery for your face

Of all the features we possess, the face is often the most noticeable and gets the most attention. Signs of premature aging, scars or congenital birth defects that appear on our face are impossible to hide, and they can damage our self-esteem. Facial surgery has been developed to address these real or perceived imperfections of the face.

Facial Surgery Procedures

There is a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures available for the face including facelifts, facial liposuction, rhinoplasty, various kinds of eye surgery, lip augmentation and ear surgery. While the basis for most procedures is often for esthetic reasons such as facial rejuvenation or facial peels, other purposes include repairing the face after tragic accidents or disease. Even facial feminization surgery falls under the range of potential surgeries available for patients seeking to alter or refine their appearance.

Face Lift Before

Face Lift After

Are you a candidate for facial surgery?

As with most other forms of surgery, it is recommended that you're healthy, with no significant heart or circulatory problems and are mentally stable. You can learn specific details on what is involved for a procedure by meeting with your general practitioner and gaining a referral to a specialized plastic surgeon.

Questions for Your Plastic Surgeon

Some questions to consider asking your plastic surgeon include:

  • How long they have they been performing facial cosmetic surgery
  • What results to expect from the surgery
  • The estimated recovery time
  • Whether general or local anesthesia is used
  • Possible risks from the procedure
  • The total costs for the procedure

You may also enquire about new techniques like laser facial surgery that offer similar results to conventional facial surgery with less chance of scarring.