Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures

With cosmetic dentistry prices becoming increasingly affordable thanks to technological improvements, it's easier than ever to enjoy straight teeth and a perfect smile. Best of all, if you've been a loyal patient of a reputable family dentist for a period of time, you may qualify for discount cosmetic dentistry available right at the office you regularly go to. Most dentists provide at least a limited range of tooth whitening and cosmetic dental surgery options.

Problems That Can Be Addressed with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is primarily used to whiten and straighten teeth. However, dental veneers and crowns can all be used to correct crowded or crooked teeth. If you've lost teeth due to an illness or an accident, you can also replace them with dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry bonding is a commonly used and affordable approach to masking cracks and chips in teeth.

Laser technologies can also be used to reshape gums and dental bones to create a more uniform, symmetrical appearance. In short, there's a treatment available for you, no matter what type of problem you want to correct.

Meeting Cosmetic Dentistry Costs

Teeth whitening and straightening can come with a hefty price tag, though. Costs can range into the thousands of dollars, especially if you have neglected your overall dental health for a period of years and have structural problems that must be addressed in advance of the cosmetic ones.

If your credit is in good standing and you can prove that you have a reliable means of generating an income, you might qualify for a cosmetic dentistry loan from a private lender or a medical services network. In addition, more and more clinics are offering in-house financing options to patients who want or need services, yet cannot afford to pay for them in an upfront lump sum. These plans are structured so you can amortize them slowly, in affordable monthly installments that won't interfere with your other financial commitments.

Your dentist should be very understanding if you have concerns about paying for the procedures you want. If you have dental insurance coverage through your workplace, you should find out if cosmetic procedures are covered; comprehensive plans often cover the cost of cosmetic dentistry, either in whole or in part.