Plastic Surgery Cost

Cosmetic surgery prices

The cost of plastic surgery varies greatly, depending on the procedure and the doctor performing it. Prices for plastic surgery are even influenced by the geographic location of the clinic; costs are generally higher in large metropolitan centers, as these facilities usually have higher overhead costs to meet.

More experienced doctors generally charge a premium price; however, this doesn't necessarily mean that older doctors are better. Young doctors are more recent medical school graduates, meaning they had more modern equipment and resources at their disposal when they were studying.

Also, if you're seeking a doctor to perform an extreme plastic surgery procedure involving bodily or facial modifications, your choices are going to be limited. This, too, will drive the price tag up.

Price Ranges for Common Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery costs usually include all surgeons' fees, facility fees, anesthesiologist fees and prescription drugs for postoperative care. Here is a rough guideline to the average cost of plastic surgery for the most common procedures:

Again, keep in mind that these figures are only a guideline; you might have low cost plastic surgery options available to you that result in a reduced price tag, or you might encounter surgeons who charge fees that exceed the maximums given.

Paying for Your Operation

If you need help meeting the costs of your operation, talk to the clinic about financing options they have available. Most reputable facilities offer patients in-house financing options that let you pay off your procedure in easy, affordable monthly installments.

You can also secure a cosmetic surgery loan through independent lenders, though these services sometimes insist that you get your operation done by a doctor on a preapproved list of surgeons. If you have good credit and collateral to offer, you can also finance your procedure by borrowing from a bank or credit union.