Is Plastic Surgery Right For You

Considerations for cosmetic surgery

While it's easy to find cosmetic surgery information that lists the benefits, risks and side effects of available procedures, it's ultimately going to be up to you to determine whether or not you should go ahead and get an operation. You'll have to consider both medical and personal factors before reaching a final decision; while you mull it over, it's essential that you have an experienced doctor that can help answer your plastic surgery questions. Consultations are a vital part of the cosmetic surgery process, and all reputable doctors are more than happy to provide you with as many resources and as much time as you need to make up your mind.

Assess the Medical Risks of Plastic Surgery

When it comes to a medical evaluation, nobody will give better plastic surgery advice than your family doctor or the attending surgeon. Your physical condition is key in reducing your risks and making a speedy recovery from surgery; however, the factors you'll need to consider are different with each procedure. Someone considering rhinoplasty, for instance, won't need to worry much about a family history of breast cancer; however, someone considering breast implants will. Other procedures, such as weight loss surgery, require that you exhaust all other medical and lifestyle alternatives before undergoing surgery.

However, there are several common denominators when it comes to assessing your health. All plastic surgery patients should be at least 18 years of age; ear surgery candidates are exempt from this condition, though, as over-large ears are best corrected during childhood. You should also be in good overall health and free of serious underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease. Hemophilia will immediately disqualify you from the vast majority of procedures. Diabetic patients are usually encouraged not to undergo major surgeries like body lifts and tummy tucks.

Consider Your Personal Reasons for Seeking Surgery

Most plastic surgery patients simply have a desire for the self-confidence that comes with looking their best. Taking advantage of plastic surgery help to address that unsightly mole, overlarge nose or sagging skin can help you feel better in every way. Regardless of the type of surgery you're considering, it's very important that you keep your expectations realistic and have a full understanding of the benefits as well as the risks.

For some patients, the allure of plastic surgery takes on a strong psychological appeal; what starts out as staying abreast of plastic surgery trends can descend into plastic surgery addiction, in which patients compulsively seek cosmetic alterations no matter what the risk or cost. This is a very dangerous situation, and you should seek counseling if you've fallen into it.