Skin Treatment

Cosmetic treatments for your skin

In the past, having a blemish or defect in your skin meant just living with it. With the rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery techniques in recent decades, many forms of skin treatment are now available to almost everyone. You can choose from cellulite treatment and microdermabrasion to tattoo removal and scar revision in a clinic close to you, often on an outpatient basis.

Skin Treatment Types

While you can typically handle problem skin by purchasing over-the-counter skin care treatment products, problems that aren't solved by purchasing oily skin treatment or acne creams require a visit to the plastic surgeon. They can offer more extensive procedures like mole removal, skin whitening or acne scar revision or refer you to another treatment for your particular case. The goal is to achieve a more uniform complexion that matches the patient's inner-view of themselves.

Are you a candidate for skin treatment?

The ideal candidate for any cosmetic body surgery is confident, healthy and informed with realistic expectations. Discussing your goals for the surgery with your plastic surgeon will allow you to decide if a certain skin treatment is an option for you.

Questions for Your Plastic Surgeon

You should find out as much information as you can from your plastic surgeon, even if you already think you know the answers. Sometimes your doctor may use a different technique that you haven't heard of, which could have added benefits or drawbacks. Find out how long the recovery process is and what risks are involved. Other questions to consider include:

  • Will you need to fast before the surgery?
  • Can you drive yourself home afterwards?
  • Should you avoid sun, alcohol or smoking while you're recovering?
  • Will there be any permanent scars?

Skin Treatment Costs

The costs associated with skin treatments depend entirely on the specific procedure and how much skin is being treated. Dermabrasion or microdermabrasion treatments, for example, can cost anywhere from $100 to $4,000. Tattoo removal can run you $1,250 to $17,000, and cellulite treatment can be $750 to $6,000, depending on which technique is used. As always, talk to your doctor before making any decisions. You might also look into getting some kind of cosmetic surgery financing.