Penis Enlargement

Options for penile enhancement

If you're a man who desires a larger penis, penile enlargement surgery is your only proven permanent solution. While men around the world use a wide range of strategies to increase penis size, including pumps, exercises, drug treatments and stretches, penis implants offer a reliable but irreversible alternative. It's important to take all the potential risks and complications into close consideration before settling on a penis enlargement strategy.

The Cost of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Depending on the penile surgery technique you choose and the location and experience level of your surgeon, you should expect to pay between about $4,000 and $12,000 for your penile augmentation surgery. Do not expect these plastic surgery costs to be even partially covered by your health insurance provider.

Patient Evaluation

As penile enhancement procedures are entirely voluntary and performed purely for cosmetic reasons, patient evaluation practices are limited to ensuring that the candidate is in good enough overall health to recover from the operation. The attending surgeon will review the patient's medical history in detail to ensure there is no cause for pre-operative alarm.

Penile Surgery Procedures

A straight length enlargement is achieved by severing the fundiform and suspensory ligaments that bridge the external and internal portions of your penis. As much as half of your penis is actually inside your body; releasing these ligaments allows the internally contained portion to protrude, giving you an instant and natural length increase without affecting any penile structures.

Another alternative, which is usually reserved for men suffering from impotence, is to replace your body's natural corpora cavernosa with inflatable penile implants. This allows you to pump your penis with air whenever you like, creating an instant, firm erection that lasts until you deflate the implants.

Penile injections offer a nonsurgical medical alternative to men with erectile dysfunctions. These injections are designed to trigger an erection; the erection will appear anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours following the administration of the drug.

If you want to increase the width of your penis, your doctor may elect to use a fat redistribution technique. Essentially, your doctor will harvest fat from other areas of your body and graft it onto your penis to increase its girth.

Risks of Penile Enlargement Surgery

There are many risks associated with penile enhancement surgeries. Common to all surgical approaches are the risk of infection, scarring, excessive bleeding and hematoma. Impotence is also a potential complication of any surgery performed on the penis.

Penis enhancement procedures carry several risks, which are both cosmetic and medical. After healing has taken place, erections may take on a horizontal rather than vertical slant. The penis itself also becomes less stable, with penile fracture becoming a more distinct possibility, especially during sexual intercourse.

Penile implants carry the risk of creating a distinctly unnatural appearance in the penis itself. Infections can occur more easily with this technique, and malfunctions in the pump implant itself may require further surgical intervention to correct.

The primary complication of the fat redistribution technique is that it carries a high likelihood of resulting in an abnormally shaped penis; some patients even report their penises take on a conical or balloon shape after healing. These changes can only be addressed through additional surgery.

Recovery from Penis Surgery

If you've had lengthening surgery, your doctor may instruct you to wear weights on your penis as it heals; this will strengthen the newly exposed length. Otherwise, you should expect to experience some swelling in your penis and/or scrotum. Bleeding, infection, hardness underneath the skin flap, temporary loss of sensation, burning during urination, penile discoloration and erectile discomfort are also commonly reported during the recovery period.

You may also develop a complicated infection as you recover from male penis enhancement surgery; some men have also reported permanent sensory loss, penile instability, impotence and ejaculatory difficulties. You should remain in close contact with your surgeon in the post-operative period to ensure you're healing correctly.

Nonsurgical Alternatives

Given the risks involved, many men prefer to explore nonsurgical approaches to penile enhancement. You'll find pills and nutritional supplements that claim to naturally increase the size of your penis, but the claims these products make are dubious at best.

It is possible to naturally extend the size of your corpora cavernosa through stretches and exercises, but you should expect only modest, temporary results. Using weights to stretch your corpora cavernosa can be dangerous unless you use the correct technique. Some techniques require you to use a stretching device for up to six hours a day to achieve results that can take weeks to show up.

Penis pumps also increase the rate of blood flow to the region, which can result in a larger erection. However, they have been shown to be dangerous, and can cause permanent damage with extended use. In the end, if you elect to try to increase the size of your penis, you should thoroughly research all methods available to you, understand the risks involved, and ensure you use the correct technique to reduce your chances of causing damage.