Cosmetic labia reduction

Cosmetic labiaplasty is a surgical procedure performed to reduce overly large or protruding vaginal lips, which can limit physical activity and cause difficulties during sexual intercourse. Many women also choose to have vaginal rejuvenation labiaplasty purely for cosmetic reasons, and it is considered a reliable and safe procedure.

The Cost of Labia Surgery

You should expect that your labia plastic surgery procedure will cost upwards of $3,500. If you're considering a full vaginoplasty surgery, the cost of your labia reconstruction may be included in the fee.

Patient Evaluation

Women over the age of 18, who are in good overall health with no major medical problems and no serious anxiety disorders are considered qualified candidates for labia surgery. Before you undergo any procedure, you will be thoroughly evaluated by your surgeon of choice to ensure the procedure can be carried out safely.

Labiaplasty Procedures

Before the actual labiaplasty starts, your doctor will administer drugs designed to keep you calm, relaxed and free of nausea. The most uncomfortable part of the procedure is when the local anesthetic is injected into the labia to numb them during surgery.

Once you're stabilized and the doctor is sure you're not going to have any adverse reactions to the medication, the surgeon removes unwanted labia minora tissues according to the plan created during your pre-operative consultations. This is usually accomplished with the use of power-assisted surgical equipment.

The Risks of Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty surgery, like all surgical procedures, comes with inherent risks and possible complications. Chief among these is the risk of infection or reactions to the anesthesia. Asymmetry and scarring have also been reported, though scarring is usually minimal because most surgeons place the necessary incisions within the vagina's natural folds and creases. Permanent changes in your sense of touch can also occur, though this is a very rare side effect.

Recovery from Labia Plastic Surgery

In most circumstances, you'll be able to resume normal daily activity in two to three days following labiaplasty surgery; strenuous activity and sexual intercourse must be avoided for several weeks to a month or so. You're likely to experience mild to moderate pain and swelling of the affected area, and your doctor may prescribe pain medications or topical compounds to treat these symptoms.

You should also expect to avoid the use of douches or tampons for four to six weeks following your labia reconstruction surgery; it can take as long as six to eight weeks to make a full and complete recovery. It's important to follow your surgeon's post-operative instructions carefully to ensure you heal properly.