Body Surgery

Cosmetic body surgery options

Body surgery is a term used to describe all types of body sculpting surgery that enhance or correct perceived anatomic deficiencies of the patient from the neck down. Other names for these procedures include body contouring or body makeover. These procedures include everything from tummy tucks and liposuction to surgical weight loss procedures such as gastric banding. Costs and recovery times will vary from one cosmetic surgery type to another and may be combined in the case of creating an extreme body makeover.

Body Surgery Types

Most types of body contouring surgery involve removing excess skin and tissue, as for a plastic surgery body lift, or they may involve the use of implants to augment specific features. Body shape can also be modified to a lesser extent with skin treatments that involve injecting fillers such as collagen to expand skin and stretch out wrinkles. All of these procedures are external except for weight loss surgery, which addresses the digestive system directly to reduce the amount of food the stomach can process.

Are you a Candidate for Body Surgery?

While it is generally recommended that patients be non-smokers and in a good state of health before opting for cosmetic surgery, direly obese individuals suffering from health problems often don't meet these recommendations. Many weight loss surgeries need to be referred by a doctor, and the patient may have to prove that he or she has exhausted every other means of achieving a more healthy weight. Weight loss surgery involves higher risks compared to elective body sculpture plastic surgery, but all surgeries need to be discussed with your doctor and carefully considered prior to making a decision.

Questions for your Plastic Surgeon

Talk to your surgeon about the short-term and long-term side effects of any surgery you're considering. Find out whether a hospital stay is required or whether the procedure can be done on an outpatient basis. Also, find out the best ways to care for yourself to minimize your healing time. Some surgeries may require the use of compression garments during the recovery process. You may want to ask your doctor to for a referral to a specialist, and enquire about the number of surgeries they've performed and the success rate they have.

It's your body, so don't take any form of surgery lightly; get the facts first.